slow and steady

Well, I haven’t really erased any entries which is good. But next chance I get, I do want to burn this blank journal I’ve had for years that I attempt to write in every once in awhile. It’s a burden.

I turn 28 this year. I hope to also finish my undergrad this year. My business is doing ok. I feel like I’m making some weird update post.

Sometimes I think I take everything too seriously, and sometimes I think I take it all way too lightly. How can I do that? At the same time?


About philosophicalwaste

Girl in her late 20s (is 27 late?). This blog is where writings go for the moment, still trying to figure out how to organize my thoughts. I much prefer to write by hand, it just seems right handwritten. But it takes much too long and I will write lazier to just sum things up and I dont want to feel restricted. I would love to get a type writer soon. Im also considering getting a digital audio recorder, but I fear I would always carry it around and get into the habit of just recording my thoughts as I walk around in public wondering what the hell Im doing.
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